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NRI property Buyer? Keep these documents handy

Source: Suneet Saxena

Property buying may be a tedious task for NRIs, and it may prove to be a pain if you are unaware of what documents to keep ready in case you find a good deal all of a sudden. Thus, it is advisable to keep your documents ready if you are planning to buy a property.

Below is the list of documents an NRI need during property buying in India:

Passport/PIO Card/OCI Card Any person from the NRI community is required to produce his/her Indian passport for investing in property in India. However, a foreign citizen whose father or grandfather was a citizen of India requires a PIO (Persons of Indian Origin)/OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) Card to buy a property in India. 

A PIO/OCI Card is required for a person who is not a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, and had owned an Indian Passport in the past. 

PAN Card NRIs are required to have a PAN card if they are buying a property in India. This has been kept as a requirement as the NRI may have to file an income tax return in case they decide to rent out the property. Additionally, if the person plans to sell the property later, he/she will incur capital gains, which is a part of the total income and also subject to capital gains tax.

Proof of Address An NRI buyer is required to submit his/her current residence proof (in his country of residence) which needs to be attested by the Indian Embassy at his/her country of residence. 

Registered Power of Attorney For NRIs who don't visit India often, it is easier for them to get the process of sale, registration and possession executed via a local person who is present on the ground. To facilitate the processes, the NRI needs to provide a power of attorney to this person to ensure a smooth transfer. 

Passport Size Photograph In case you are looking to home finance, you may require a few additional documents: 

There are many other documents required for the purchase in case the buyer wants to avail of a loan to purchase the property. The documents required by the NRI for availing a home loan in India include:

  • Two passport size photographs

  • Self-declared residential status

  • NRE/NRO account bank statement (past 6-months) in India

  • Salary Account bank statement (past 6-months), held in the country of employment

  • Salary slips

  • Address proof (of the applicant and co-applicant), which is attested by the Indian Embassy in the country of residence

  • Address proof (incl. utility bills or driving license)

  • Power of Attorney (to be executed in the format given by the bank and attested from Indian embassy)

  • Loan sanction letter copies (received in India and abroad)

To get information on the mandatory documents required for a Home Loan application, click here.

Apart from these documents, which are also required by the Indian Citizens, an NRI also requires a copy of the passport and a copy of work contract/labor card.

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